How to Apply

It's a competitive process that involves many stages. 

You can find out more about each stage below, to help you prepare. 

Application . . .

First you’ll need to open the inspector advertisement from our current job vacancies and select apply online.

Complete all required fields in the application form and remember to attach your resume.

Your resume is the first piece of information we’ll see about you. It needs to be concise and align your skills and experience with the job description. Remember to include your:

  • personal details - full name, preferred name, location and contact details
  • education - qualifications, institutions, dates of study, majors and academic average
  • work experience - industry or non-industry related
  • skills - include any technical skills you have gained
  • achievements
  • extracurricular activities – for example, sporting, volunteering, social, community or university engagement

Phone Interview . . .

You should prepare for behavioural, hypothetical, or case-based questions that cover your role-related knowledge.

Online Assessments . . .

You’ll need to complete three online cognitive ability assessments:

  • verbal
  • numerical
  • abstract reasoning.

Assessment Centre . . .

We’ll invite you to a half-day Assessment Centre. This will involve:

  • meeting business leaders and current inspectors to find out more about us. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions
  • an individual business-related activity
  • a group activity
  • role play a real-life inspector scenario

Psychometric Assessment . . .

You will complete an online psychometric assessment. There is no pass or fail for this assessment. Your responses help us learn more about you and understand your preferred working style.

Interview . . .

You will participate in a 45-minute interview with a panel of representatives from across WorkSafe. We’ll ask you some open-ended questions to determine how:

  • you approach and solve problems. There’s no right answer; your ability to explain your thought process is what’s important
  • your strengths and experiences can contribute to WorkSafe, now and in the future
  • you work on your own and in a team
  • you help others
  • you navigate ambiguity
  • you push yourself to grow outside of your comfort zone.

    Remember, this is also a chance to ask us questions to ensure the work, the team and our culture are right for you.

Background Checks . . .

We will ask you to complete a background check, medical and provide the details of two referees for us to contact.

Job Offer . . .

We may then call to offer you a role as a WorkSafe Health and Safety Inspector.

You’ll need to accept our offer within 48 hours. Please call us if you have any questions about your offer.

We understand you may also be applying for roles with other organisations. Please let us know if you are still in the recruitment process or have received an offer from another organisation.

Induction Program and Probation . . .

If you are successful you must be available to commit to a 14-week, full-time induction program at Essendon Fields.

You’ll be on a six month probation period, inclusive of the induction program.